Saturday, January 3, 2015

Donnakie IPhone 6 Armband Review

For the past few months I've been cleaning my Mamaw's house for a little extra money, and I always think it would be nice to have some music while I clean.  So when I saw the Donnakie was wanting reviews for their iPhone 6 Armband, I quickly applied.

This armband has it's good points, but it also has some points that I am not too fond of.

Pros: I got the iPhone 6 size because I use a bulky case on my iPhone 5c and I've had issues with it fitting in other products.  The phone fit wonderfully.  I was still able to use my phone through the clear plastic, which was super nice. The Neoprene was really comfortable, and I could tell that if I sweated, it would wick away the moisture.

Cons: I have to say I am a plus size gal. I have large upper arms. I would prefer to wear this arm band on my upper arm, but it does not fit... at all... There is like an inch gap to even get the band through the hole to velcro it on.  I can wear it on my forearm, but that is uncomfortable and looks strange.  Even if I was using the iPhone 6 in it, I still don't think it would work for me.

Overall, I feel that if you have super skinny arms this would work great for you.  However, if you have large biceps, you are going to be out of luck, and maybe you should look for something else.

If you are one of the skinny arm people, and would like to purchase an iPhone 6 armband from Donnakie, you can do so on Amazon. There are several different options, and right now the cheapest one is like $7 and comes with a very basic iPhone 6 case.

Disclaimer: I got this product free to review.  The words found in this review are 100% my own.  This review contains no affiliate links, nor do I stand to gain anything if you decided to purchase the product listed in the review.

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